An Evening With Thaddeus
Trapped in the Art Room
Coconuts and Candles
Nine Tenners
Harper and the Hoarder
Three Creepy Plays
A Super Day at Sammy’s
Heroines and History
Gracie and the Galapanzas
Two Scary Plays
The Tickets from Rockets
Two Short College Plays
The Niece of 900 Dead
Dracula and the Track Team
Forty Whacks
Latino-themed Plays
A Letter from Abuelito
Going to Guatemala
Othello Spoke Spanish!
Holiday Plays for Students
Six Holiday Plays
Elementary Christmas Plays
Thanksgiving Readers Theater
The Spirits of Black History
Short Stories
Hardball, Hi-Hats and Haunts
Pumpkins & Paint
Children's Fiction
Car Crashes Make Me Hungry!
In the Middle of Middle School