This is Student Plays. We are made up of Dante Wellman, John Glass, Dominic Torres, and Jackie Jernigan. All plays are located under “Plays and Fiction,” which can be found on the home page.

For all plays, there are no photocopying or video-recording fees. Simply one price per production. All royalty prices are shown below. If a play is performed more than three times, we will offer a discount on the overall price. 


BBQ at the Prom – $55.00

Three Tenners  – $40 per play

Three More Tenners$40 per play

Nine Tenners – $40 per play


Una Carta de Abuelito – $75.00

Going to Guatemala – $90.00

Othello Spoke Spanish! – $55.00

Spooky/Creepy Plays

 Dracula and the Track Team – 90.00

 Finals with Felini – $55.00

Forty Whacks – 75.00

Give Me Something Good to Eat – $40.00

Hockey Masks in Hueytown – $55.00

The Witch Makes Five – $40.00

Middle/High School

 Super Day at Sammy’s – $75.00

Pagasqueeny’s Pantry$40.00

Trapped in the Art Room $55.00

The Tickets from Rockets $90.00

College/Adult Plays

Harper and the Hoarder– $90.00

An Evening with Thaddeus – $90.00

Gracie and the Galapanzas – $55.00

John Calhoun and a Thief – $75.00

Coconuts and Candles – $40.00

Holiday (These elementary plays are located within “Six Holiday Plays”)

Poxy and the Pilgrims – $40.00

Squanto and Friends – $40.00

Getting Back to the North Pole – $40.00

Blitzen Finds His Way – $40.00

Black History

The Spirits of Black History – $75.00

Short Video of Sample Lesson