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These are holiday plays for elementary through tenth grade. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Black History Month. There are also some small roles that are suitable for 1st and 2nd grades. The scripts are short and are great for in-class or on-stage.

The Witch Makes Five

Halloween. Middle School. 10 minutes. 3F, 2M

After a bizarre group camping trip, a student is checked into a youth mental facility. When she is visited by the other members of the trip, memories of the weekend trickle out . . . and horrific things begin to happen.

Money in the Graveyard

Halloween. Elementary. 10 minutes. 5F, 3M

An old map leads a group of friends to a potential discovery in the local cemetary.

But will the rumors of a “Pine Ghost” thwart their find?

Poxy and the Pilgrims

Thanksgiving. Elementary. 10 minutes. 3F, 3M

The time is the early 1600s, the setting is Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Miles and Bradley, two Pilgrims, are in the middle of a disagreement, and Poxy, a local native American, attempts to help them out. Can she do it?

Blitzen Makes It Back

Christmas. Elementary.  10 minutes. 3F, 3M

It’s Christmas Eve. Blitzen has walked off and accidentally been separated from Santa and the others. The local animals come out and befriend him, and help him “get back.” They encourage him to not be sad, and to have faith.

Getting Back to the North Pole

Xmas. 3rd-8th. 10 min. 4F, 3M. 5 possible extras

Two elves have accidentally entered an icy portal and wound up . . . in Bayville, U.S.A. They “land” in the wooded area of a schoolyard, and stumble upon several students. The students become friends with them; but the elves’ eventual goal is to get back to the North Pole. Can they do it?

The Spirits of Black History

Middle/High School. 20 minutes. 3F, 5M

3 possible extras as musicians

Four students are accidentally locked in a basement and cannot get out. They are agitated and frustrated. Gradually, they are visited by spirits of the past, who encourage the kids. The four friends learn a lesson about patience, bravery, and resilience . . . and also a thing or two about their proud ancestry.

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About the Author
John Glass

John Glass is a playwright and a short story writer. In 2013 he co-founded Student Plays, which has scripts for 5th grade through college. John has self-produced three full-length plays, and has had one-acts produced in Michigan, New York, Texas, Alabama and California. John has also published short stories in six different literary journals, and has published three collections of fiction, Pumpkins and Paint, Hardball, Hi-Hats, and Haunts, and Bigfoot Stole Evel’s Bike. You may contact him at [email protected].

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