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It’s 1988, the ten-year anniversary of the Jonestown massacre. The setting is the Bay area, in California. Phoebe, the niece of Jim Jones, struggles to maintain her new identity and career as the date of the actual anniversary arrives. She lives with her best friend, Sara, a struggling musician, whose boyfriend is a devout Christian. This makes Phoebe even more uncomfortable in light of what she’s been through.

Tired of “running,” Phoebe eventually insists upon remaining at her family-inherited home in the Bay area. But as the news coverage is more and more incessant, she worries that people know who and where she really is. On the eve of the anniversary her best friend and boyfriend are there for her. And ultimately, it turns out to be a night of emotions, turmoil, and even more.

Genre: Plays
Publisher: John Glass
Publication Year: 2022
ASIN: 1735187941
List Price: 8.00
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About the Author
John Glass

John Glass is a playwright and a short story writer. In 2013 he co-founded Student Plays, which has scripts for 5th grade through college. John has self-produced three full-length plays, and has had one-acts produced in Michigan, New York, Texas, Alabama and California. John has also published short stories in six different literary journals, and has published three collections of fiction, Pumpkins and Paint, Hardball, Hi-Hats, and Haunts, and Bigfoot Stole Evel’s Bike. You may contact him at [email protected].

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