“40 Whacks,” 2013, Brookhurst Middle School, Orange County, CA.

Teacher Autumn Browne: “We had a great Halloween time with John’s play based on Lizzie Borden. Dark and sinister – but not too much! I’d recommend this play to any middle or high school.”

“40 Whacks,” 2014, Loara High School, Anaheim, CA.

Drama Teacher Vanessa Montgomery: “40 Whacks” went great. My students loved the pacing and the spooky setting.” 

“Nine Tenners,” 2015-2016. Our Lady Queen of Angels School, Newport Beach, CA

Drama Teacher Diane Sawyer: “We used several of the ten-minute plays from Nine Tenners. They were perfect for our elementary kids. John was flexible and easy to work with!”

“It’s Aunt Alice!” 2016, Community Roots Academy, Aliso Viejo, CA

Teacher Heather Johnston: “This play was hilarious, and was so much fun to do. The students really got into it. I would recommend it to any school, especially elementary.”

“Una Carta de Abuelito,” 2022, Century Community Charter, Inglewood, CA

Drama Teacher Nalani Bannister: “The play was wonderful. It really resonated with the community. Thank you, John!”

“Give Me Something Good to Eat,” 2022, Bethel University, McKenzie, TN.

Student Director Mike Harvill: “We loved it. The actors really brought the Halloween spirit to life. The trick or treat element was spot-on!”

“Stravinsky’s Kitchen,” 2023, Grant’s Pass High School, Grant’s Pass, Oregon.

Director Owen Swarz: “This play was entertaining to put on. My student actors really got into it, and I really recommend it to any school.”