This is Student Plays. All plays are located under “Plays and Fiction,” which can be found on the home page.

For all plays, there are no photocopying or video-recording fees. Simply one price per production. All royalty prices are shown below. If a play is performed more than three times, I will offer a discount on the overall price. 


BBQ at the Prom – $55.00

Three Tenners  – $40 per play

Three More Tenners$40 per play

Nine Tenners – $40 per play


Una Carta de Abuelito – $75.00

Going to Guatemala – $90.00

Othello’s Not Just a Fellow – $55.00

Spooky/Creepy Plays

 Finals with Felini – $55.00

Forty Whacks – 75.00

Middle/High School

 Super Day at Sammy’s – $75.00

Pagasqueeny’s Pantry$40.00

Trapped in the Art Room $55.00

The Tickets from Rockets $90.00

College/Adult Plays

Harper and the Hoarder– $90.00

An Evening with Thaddeus – $90.00

Gracie and the Galapanzas – $55.00

John Calhoun and a Thief – $75.00

Coconuts and Candles – $40.00