John Glass is a playwright and a short story writer. In 2013 he co-founded Student Plays, which has scripts for 5th grade through college. John has self-produced three full-length plays, and has had one-acts produced in Michigan, New York, Texas, Alabama and California. John has also published short stories in six different literary journals, and has published three collections of fiction, Pumpkins and Paint, Hardball, Hi-Hats, and Haunts, and Bigfoot Stole Evel’s Bike. You may contact him at

An Evening With Thaddeus
Trapped in the Art Room
Hardball, Hi-Hats and Haunts
Two Short College Plays
The Niece of 900 Dead
Pumpkins & Paint
Car Crashes Make Me Hungry!
Coconuts and Candles
Nine Tenners
Harper and the Hoarder
Three Creepy Plays
A Super Day at Sammy’s
Heroines and History
Gracie and the Galapanzas
Two Scary Plays
The Tickets from Rockets