John Glass is a playwright and a fiction writer. In 2013 he co-founded Student Plays, which has scripts for 5th grade through college. John has self-produced three full-length plays, and has had one-acts produced in Michigan, New York, Texas, Alabama and California. John has also published three collections of fiction, Pumpkins and Paint, Hardball, Hi-Hats, and Haunts, and the forthcoming Bigfoot Stole Evel’s Bike.

John teaches playwriting workshops in southern California, and specializes in “short plays,” or one-act plays for beginner students. He loves the writing of Annie Proulx, Wallace Stegner, and Tim Gautreaux. And he loves comic books! John is a long-time comic collector.

John loves to talk about writing and music and sports and just about anything. Shoot him an email at, or