# 2 Too many “he’s” and “she’s”?

Posted on September 10, 2020Comments Off on # 2 Too many “he’s” and “she’s”?

Something that I have a hard time with in writing is using the same pronouns too many times in one setting.

And I think the only way to correct this is to wait a day or so and then slowly re-read what you wrote. If you have written “he” four times in the same paragraph, it might be too much.

For me, the solution is to mix it up. Replace the “he” with the person’s name; or try to re-write the sentence without “he” at all.

It may sound weird but at times this kills me. I have to stay on top of it. I know when I read great writing I never see the overuse of pronouns.

So be careful of those “he’s” and “she’s” – they can be repetitive and monotone. That’s the last thing you want in your story.

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